About Us

BLUORNG (pronounced: Blue-Orange) is a premium streetwear brand founded in New Delhi, by Siddhant Sabharwal and Mokam Singh in 2020 and since then it has been on a journey of redefining the streetwear fashion landscape in India.


BLUORNG captures the spirit of modern lifestyle, drawing inspiration from elements of life that we see and relate with, that of nature, human emotions, animals and more. The brand is all about bridging the gap between everyday comfort and premium quality with authentic, one-of-a-kind designs, giving the community a sense of exclusiveness with clothing that goes beyond art and becomes an extension of the wearer's identity and self expression.


BLUORNG lets each product narrate a tale of craftsmanship and innovation with quality and authenticity being the driving factors. Each product is done by hand and each detail, through design, portrays a deeper meaning which is derived from the strong visual language seen in the original graphics, vibrant colors and bold prints.




Being one of the first in the Indian streetwear industry, Siddhant Sabharwal and Mokam Singh crossed paths at design school, with a shared passion for streetwear fashion they aimed at bridging the gap in India’s large high-street fashion consumer market and together they established their own label aptly known as BLUORNG, which is now the most highly internationally recognised Indian streetwear label and has also made its mark as GQ India’s “Streetwear Label of the Year” for 2023.


Leveraging Mokam’s keen design sensibilities and Siddhant’s attention to detail, the duo crafted an identity prioritising one-of-a-kind streetwear products, highly focused towards quality over quantity. Overtime, BLUORNG has evolved into one of India’s most loved streetwear brands, focused on community building and growing together.